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Neo-Something Doom Puzzle

Feb 01, 2017
Occult Horror, Absurd Comedy

Hipsters and losers seek their fortunes and pursue their weird urges while the Freak Collector weaves his cosmic traps. Neo-Something Doom Puzzle is a playfully evil and sometimes violent book. It tells the tales of several young hipsters and losers struggling for stability in a carnivorous u...
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The Paranoid Adventures of Larry Grank

Jul 05, 2014
Adventure / Mystery / Absurd / Comedy

The universe is full of mystery and Larry has the inside scoop... at least, he thinks he does. In this collection Larry uncovers secrets about multiple antichrists, alien conspiracies, the Liquid Cult, Jewish people, and exorcism.


Apr 11, 2014
Adventure / Science Fiction

THE PANTHEON IS ELECTRIC. Tricking a robotic mountain-god into setting his village free, Eric must lead his fellows and family on a perilous journey across Pozeitron's ocean. But this world is occupied with tentacled gods and suffering abominations, each with their own plans and desires. Eric may...
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Robot God/Hybrid Brain

Mar 25, 2014
Short Fiction / Science Fiction / Adventure / Mystery / Comedy / Surreal / Absurd

Mind-Bending Short Fiction. A scientist battles a robot-god who experiences time backwards. A magic dog writes mind-destroying fiction. A genetic experiment falls in love with works of art, and tries to make love. A brave soldier travels through a world of perpetual warfare. Plus other stories...
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Feb 07, 2017

The time has finally arrived. The first time one of my novels has been published by a publisher, and this absurd work of horror and weirdness is finally ON SALE on Amazon. I can't wait to see how all this plays out. I've got another novel coming out later this year with another publisher, and an ...
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Dec 31, 2016

I'm pleased to announce the release of my newest novel, Neo-Something Doom Puzzle. It's an obscene mixture of Surreal Horror and Absurd Comedy and I think you'll love it. I really dug deep into the emotional abyss to try to create unique, vulnerable characters. This book is partly an exploration ...
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Dec 11, 2016

I recently signed contracts with TWO publishers who will be releasing my novels next year. This is big news for me. I love self-publishing and I’ll do more of it in the future, but it’s a big deal to get to work with these publishing professionals to reach a wider audience and different distribu...
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Aug 25, 2016

Modern answers to your deepest philosophical questions. This is a modern re-telling of the classic book of wisdoms, The Prophet. Now with Fancy Language! Listen to this week's episode of the Go Help Yourself Podcast!

An unearthed music box full of eerie funky noise. Ancient beats and tragic tunes. Wordless chants to pagan gods. Musical utterances of secret pagan knowledge, devouring the bi-polar dichotomy of "angelic vs. demonic".

Sweet Old Trash

Feb 17, 2013

B-sides, leftovers, and other fun oddities.

Medieval Computer

Jun 19, 2011

The loneliness of an old monestary, poured over sexy beats like chocolate over chopped wood. Weird scales and lots of eery sounds.

Funky experiments in structure and form.